RAM (Random Access Memory)

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1000W 20A ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Module Board Flyback Driver Heater-Module Board

Description: This ZVS board uses high quality 1.6mm double layer fiberglass board, large inductance coil and stable 5-band resistors that ensures its stable performance. With a proper power supply and correct circuit, you can create a beautiful electric arc by yourself. Specifications: Name: ZVS board Material: Plastic, metal Voltage: DC12V-30V Max. Current: 20A Max. Power: 1000W Size: 69 x 85 x 30mm / 2.71 x 3.34 x 11.81 For: Can be used for small parts DIY players do hardening, annealing and other heat treatment, also can be used with a graphite crucible melting gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals Features: - The driver module is made of high standard 1.6mm double layer fiberglass board for durability. - Factory customized large inductance coil is winded with 1.2mm copper wire for more stable performance and consistent parameter. - This ZVS driver module uses 5-band resistors for small error and stable performance. - More tin is added on the board bottom so the driver boa...  More Info
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50lb Weight Stack Upgrade (Fits G2 or G4)

50lb Weight Stack Upgrade (Fits G2 or G4)  More Info
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0.96 Inch 128 64 OLED Module 4 Pin IC I2C IIC Communication-FPV System

0.96 Inch 128*64 OLED Module 4 Pin IC I2C IIC Communication Description Connector : IIC port Pins Definition : 1.GND 2.VCC(3.3~5V) 3.SCL 4.SDA Package Included 1 x OLED  More Info
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Results 1 - 3 of about 3
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